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Mail just came

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A generic looking letter from Hells Fargo was in it. Usually I toss that stuff, but this time I opened it. Yeah, it’s a letter stating that I and DH have an unclaimed/outstanding cashier’s check issued by Hells Fargo for $448.35 and if we don’t get to the bank to claim it before May 28 it will get turned over to the state.
Sounded like a scam, but I called. And call me dumbfounded but it’s legit. It’s from our Honda Pilot auto loan when we refinanced and I overpaid a month (or interest or something like that.)
Anyway, so I get to make a stop at Hells Fargo today, they will officially stop payment on the original check (from 2011) and hopefully I will walk out with another current check 😉
Hells Fargo going the distance to benefit their (former) customers. Never would have believed it in a million years.