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Fast payday loans and your credit history

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finance helpIf you are considering using fast payday loans, you may be wondering about how the loan providers may view credit history troubles.

Individual payday loan providers may see things differently and you may have to check their specific offerings to understand their position.

Even so, you may find that certain general principles apply:

– fast payday loans are typically for modest amounts – perhaps $100-$5000 is an average sum although amounts up to $1000 may be available in certain circumstances;
– they are also advanced for shorter durations, typically a few weeks until your next payday;
– the two things taken together mean that payday loan providers may face smaller risks than conventional lenders who are advancing larger sums of money over longer periods of time;
– as a result of this, you may find that the loan provider is rather more relaxed about certain categories of credit history troubles than would be the case with conventional lenders;
– in some situations, if your credit history records contain certain types of problem, the loan provider may offer you a smaller loan than you requested but if you pay that back successfully, they may be prepared to offer more in future;
– as you would expect, although a payday loan provider may be less concerned about credit history records than other types of loan provider, nevertheless they may reluctantly be obliged to refuse a loan if your credit history is particularly bad.

There are other things to keep in mind if you are hoping for a successful outcome to your loan application:

– you will be asked for details that indicate you are USA resident, in employment and in possession of a bank account together with an associated bank debit card – if you cannot answer ‘yes’ to these then you may find that your loan application is rejected;
– the loan you are requesting will be paid back in one go when you next get paid (or your payday after that), therefore, the amounts you are asking to borrow must be sensible in terms of your income level and your ability to pay it back from a single month’s salary.

The bottom-line good news is that fast payday loans may be available even if you have certain types of credit history glitches on your records.

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