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Good budget plan

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We laid out a good budget plan for the paycheck BEFORE it was received. We paid off two credit cards (see previous post entitled “chop chop.”)

It was a nice big pay check with an extra large bonus pay for my big September sales. So we paid off those cards, reserved a little extra for a trip and now have the cash to buy a car for Dh to replace the one he’s turning in.

We took a small cash-only road trip over the weekend to New Orleans (a 5.5 hour drive from Houston). It was an interesting experience taking a cash-only vacation! It might sound silly but since Dh is usually more guilty than I about buying “top quality” everything, I did a fun little experiment this weekend to make him more budget aware. Usually he or I just pay for our things “together.” And usually this amounts to me seeing he is buying a prime rib, so I in turn order a soup and salad to off set the cost (he just doesn’t get it). Not this weekend, I divided the budget – here’s your cash and here’s mine, and did this for each day. When its gone its gone!

Day one: Dh and I compared spending and he blew me out of the park. I spent maybe $60 and he spent nearly $120. I poked fun at him, asking how he spent twice as much and we had all the same experiences, saw the same musical shows, enjoyed ourselves just the same… but my fun cost less.

Day two: Dh was actually the one to ask me if we could split our dinner (since clearly the portions are gigantic). And he also caught a bartender over charging him for a drink, per menu price. It became a fun competition from there on out, with us seeing who saved the most money each evening.

We still did everything we wanted to do, visited a bunch of fun places, but I didn’t rush home to check my credit card or bank account in a panic (as I have done many, many times on past trips because I just KNEW we would overspend somewhere). Not this time! We took $400 and that covered several musical shows, drinks, dinners, transportation, souvenirs, a historical walking tour of the city, fuel and an oil change. Dh even bought me a sweatshirt Saturday night out of his portion of the budget, and haggled the sales lady down $10.

Dh and I are going to check out a potential car to buy cash tonight… I hope it is as good in person as it sounds and looks in photos!